Welcome to iindigo.co.uk

You have a project, but you're not sure exactly how to go about it.  Perhaps you want to launch a website for you company,maybe you already have a website but need help with video creation, or perhaps you're looking for some awesome looking social media posts.

Digital projects require a digital tool box

Choosing to work with me gives you access to a wide range of skills.  We'll plan out your project with as many or as few of these digital tools as required.

Website Design

Create and host a new website for your project.

Video Editing

Edit your footage into a website worthy video, create snackable videos or even interactive videos.

Lead Magnet

Take your valueable content and turn it into a downloadable leadmagnet you can offer to potential customers.

Team Work

Throughout the project I'll work closly with you/your team to ensure your project is a success.

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