YouTube Channel Setup

There's never been a better time to setup a YouTube channel and tap into the 2+ billion user base.

Time to Launch Your Channel

New opertunities for business owners

With social distancing measures in place businesses of all sizes are having to adapt, with small and micro businesses especially hard hit.

If you've been forced to close you might be wondering what you can do to help your business post lock down, have you considered the power of YouTube?

As the second biggest search engine (following Google, which owns YouTube), it's not just a place for cat videos.  If you approach setting up a YouTube channel in the same way you'd set up a business you can develop a new source of marketing and income.

Worldwide audiance

Videos on YouTube have the potential to reach a global audiance

Low barrier to entry

You can launch a channel using a mobile phone, some planning and a good idea

Learn new skills

Learn how to present, film and edit your videos, giving you a new set of skills