3 Tools to Supercharge your Blogs

14 January, 2020

We all need a little help sometimes, here are 3 tools to help you with your blogging, from research through the creation and finally distribution of your well-worded masterpiece.

Blogging and content creation can be very rewarding and content platforms such as Wordpress make the process very easy.  But what if you want a little extra help supercharging your articles?  Here are 3 of my favourite sites to help you do just that:


https://app.neilpatel.com/en/ubersuggest Ubersuggest is a brilliant website for researching keywords.  It's completely free to use, head over and enter your topic keyword, for example 'blogging tools' and you'll be presented with a range of information such as search volume, keyword ideas and links to websites that have already written about this topic.

Ubersuggest example

The site is capable of a lot more than this, you can use it to conduct a site audit, check your backlinks or check out what other websites rank for.  All for FREE!




You've done your research and have written your killer article, you just need to finish it off with some images.  Jumpstory is a paid-for platform ($25 per month) that gives you access to over 10 million visuals, which can be edited via an on-site image editor.

As well as images you have access to icons, illustrations, vectors and videos with music on the roadmap.  A key feature I like is the AI search, currently, in beta you type in the image you'd like and the AI tries to find it, for example, if I type in "girl using a computer looking confused I get a range of results, 2 of which I could use.

Jumpstory search results

if you can't find what you're looking for they have a request form where you can describe what you're looking for and within 24 hours they'll get back to you, hopefully with the desired result.


Quuu Promote


Your article is ready, you push publish and then....what?  How do you get people to read it?  Hopefully, your content will be picked up by the search engines, plus you can share it out to your social media followers, but if you want to give it an extra nudge you could try Quuu Promote.  Quuu is a content discovery platform, you can sign up and receive daily suggestions for content you may wish to share, for example blogging tips such as this article.

This is where your post comes in, using the promote side of the service you can submit your article for review if it meets the required criteria (e.g. no bad language, adult content, not obviously promoting a  single product) then it gets pushed out to users looking for content for them to share out to their audience.

Quuu Promote

It's a paid-for service but it can help widen your audience.  In fact, if someone you followed shared this article with you it could be they've done so due to Quu Promote!

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