Re-Purpose Your Content

Turn existing content into downloadable eBooks

eBooks are widly used as lead magnets.  You create an eBook with valuable content and offer it for free to website visitors in return for an email address.

Once you have the contact details you can send a follow up email which may ultimatly lead to a purchase from you.

But just how do you get an eBook?  You likely already have the base ingrediantes required, valuable content on your website, a presentation you've given, a document you once created.

We can take that information and turn it into an eBook for you, one with a professional design, front cover, about the author section (if required) contents page and even a 3D mock up showing the book cover on a range of devices.

Once completed we will provide you with your choice of file format, picking from PDF, .mobi (for Kindle) or Epub.  

Creating Your eBook

We can repurpose your existing content very quickly into a professional looking eBook you can distribute to potential or existing clients.


Send us the URL(s) or file you would like converting.  We can conbine multiple sources into a single eBook 


Do you have a specific look, fonts or colours in mind?  Or are you happy to allow us to work our magic?


A draft version will be sent for approval, this is your chance to tweak the design elements.


On completion you'll recieve your new eBook in PDF, .mobil or Epub format as well as a 3D book cover image.

Example eBook

Wordpress Post to eBook

The eBook on the left was created from a WordPress blog post. 

The original article can be viewed

This is a single post that has been converted into an eBook, we can also combine multiple posts.  If you've been creating valueable content over the years this is a great opportunity to collate it into a single eBook and either sell it, provide it to new clients or offer it as a lead magnet.

This eBook could just as easily have been created from a Word document or Google Docs file.  All we need is the source material and we'll convert it into a beautiful looking eBook.


We will be happy to hear from you about a new amazing project!